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News Letter: Amerisale. Inc and Dare2 provide diaster relief for Bastrop Fires

  • Sep 22, 2011
  • by Dev
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News Letter: Amerisale. Inc

On Sept 6th 2011- Dare 2 Care, Disaster Relief USA and Amerisale, Inc connected to First Responders behind the fire lines by bringing food and water to the embattled fire fighters.

While many contributions to the Texas Wild fire sat idle on the curb waiting to be distributed, volunteers Bob Suggs of Amerisale, Inc and CD Lawhon of Dare 2

Care made their way through the smoke and haze of Bastrop County out to Camp Swift where hundreds of firefighter was stationed. They brought with them thousands of gallons of bottled water and meals ready to eat MRE’s, hundreds of pounds of soup, loaves of fresh bread, and cases of cereal and health and comfort items.

They arrived in Bastrop after midnight to find an ominous and sobering scene. The smoke filled sky of black and orange was acerbated by the stench of burning woodlands and synthetic materials. The strobe and flashing of Police and emergency lights flickering everywhere at blockages casting a foreboding tint to an already smoke filled sky.

We would like to Thank and mention a man known to us only as Dennis that we found sleeping in his truck comforted by his puppy.

Dennis had lost his home and everything he owned least the clothes he had on, an extra pair of boots and his puppy name Sam. In spite of his loss Dennis was in good spirits and volunteered to help us unload the truck as he providing us with a resilient sense of humor saying: Well, I asked the banker today if they would take my home if I stopped paying for it and the banker said YES we would have to Dennis! So I told him. Well sir you better bring a big vacuum cleaner!

Also Thanks to Jeff Davis Fire Chief of Georgetown for helping us deliver to First responders in Georgetown more water MRE”s, cereal, health and comfort items to be taken to fire line later this week.

Special Thanks to Bill Terry Disaster Relief USA and Bob Suggs, Amerisale, Inc. for donations and George Reinemund Real Estate, Michelle Or, Dr. Edge of the First Baptist Church and a lady known only to us as Laura for their contributions help and advice.

Two people have lost their lives so far and more than 1000 people have lost their homes and possessions in this wild fire. The need to address now is clothing since many people like Dennis barely got out with the clothes on his back. Dare2 and Amerisale Inc has partnered with City Square of Dallas and Fort Worth. Never be afraid to step up or donate!

If you would like to donate to our next run to Bastrop on Tuesday 9-13-2011 please call Bob Suggs at 512-689-5534 Dare 2 is a 501c3 non- profit charity and 100% of your donation will go to the affected area. Our fuel cost and other expenses are paid for by Amerisale, Inc and Disaster Relief USA.

The above photo is some of the supplies that we set out in the emergency cooking area set up by The Texas Baptist Men’s Association and Tarrant County Disaster Relief that were doing the cooking for over 400 Firefighters from as far away as New Mexico and California. We took pictures of the lines of fire trucks and equipment but unfortunately it was too dark and we were to tired care. This one is the only one that we could save.

Here is our pal Dennis again. He was always ready for a photo op

Our Prayer and Best Regards,

Bob and CD